Allstar Marketing Group, LLC Awarded Preliminary Injuction In a Trademark and Copyright Infringement Case

Allstar-logoLeading direct response marketing firm Allstar Marketing Group, LLC announced today it was awarded a preliminary injunction order aiding the company in protecting some of its most popular properties, including Aqua Globes®, Bumpits®, Snuggie® and Strap Perfect™. The ruling, handed down by the US District Court for the Southern District of New York on March 3, requires the removal of Allstar Marketing Group, LLC property names and images, and any variations of those marks, from unauthorized web sites specifically those operated by Hotproducts4less and Gadgets and Gizmos Inc.

This is an important ruling for Allstar Marketing Group and for our customers, said Scott Boilen, president of Allstar Marketing Group. The defendants in this case were misusing Allstar Marketing Group properties and misleading consumers. We fully intend to vigorously protect our properties online and elsewhere and are pleased the Court has taken swift action in support of our efforts.

Allstar Marketing Group, LLC, which originally filed suit in December 2009 against the defendants for ongoing infringement of trademark and copyright rights, will continue to pursue monetary damages and permanent injunctive relief.

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