What We Do

We Create Opportunity & Maximize Potential.

There is nobody better at bringing new products through the product journey from Concept to Consumerâ„¢.

Merchandising and Product Developments

Merchandising & Product Development

Our integrated team evaluates thousands of products each year from all around the world, bringing the most innovative products to market.

Performance Testing Lab

Testing Lab

Our proprietary, data-centric testing methodology allows us to predict the performance of all direct to consumer campaigns.

Performance Driven Marketing

Driven Marketing

Data drives results. Our marketing team integrates TV production, modern CRM and brand strategy, digital and social content, and omni-channel advertising techniques to drive consumer demand across the entire online and retail ecosystem.

Global Sourcing Supply Chain

Global Sourcing
& Supply Chain

Our world-class team enables us to source and deliver the best quality materials at the lowest prices from all over the world, based on decades of experience of maintaining powerful relationships.

Retail Sales

Retail Distribution
& Sales

We have maintained trusted partnerships with a diverse network of retail customers from Walmart, Target and Bed Bath & Beyond, to CVS, Walgreens and Home Depot, for over 20 years.

Amazon Center of Excellence

Amazon Center
of Excellence

Our dedicated team of experts specializes in driving sales through our Amazon e-commerce channels in order to maximize distribution.

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