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Throwback: Scott Boilen & the Snuggie on The Oprah Show

Oprah shares her thoughts on the viral sensation while discussing the success of the Snuggie with Scott Boilen — the creator of the Snuggie.

True Touch is a True Hit on Good Morning America

GMA Hosts and guests demonstrate True Touch products with a cat and dog right in the heart of Times Square.

NBC Today Show Gets Cozy with Snuggie Tails

Snuggie Tails aren’t just for fun, they’re comfortable and cozy for everyone!
Amazon's bestselling $28 face covering is back in stock, and it's the perfect summer alternative to face masks
MISSION Neck Gaiters are on the front lines of helping educate consumers on what can assist them in their everyday life
The lightweight, moisture-wicking face masks you need for all your runs.