Allstar Products Group Expands TV Product Line FALL 2015 – HOMEWORLD BUSINESS


HAWTHORNE, NY – Nine new TV products from Allstar Products group are set to hit shelves this fall, the most ever for the period by the company. New items from Allstar span a spectrum from household helpers and personal accessories to microwave cook-ware and oral hygiene.

Scott Boilen, Allstar’s CEO, said the simultaneous retail rollout of nine new products is more of a coincidental convergence of several strong-testing items than the result of a strategic plan to load up the holiday period with the new products. He added, however, the expansive rollout spotlights Allstar’s increasing annual output of new TV items.

“DRTV can be a streaky business,” Boilen said. “There may be more items for us this year in the time period, but not necessarily on an overall basis for the year,” Boilen said, noting the generally fluid, year-round approach to As Seen On TV development and marketing. “It’s not about when they hit the market during the year, as long as they hit the market.”

Even so, Boilen said, Allstar’s heavy slate of new products set for release this fall should get a lift from holiday shopping, especially given the wide demographic range covered by the items.

Here is a rundown of TV items from Allstar scheduled to ship to retailers in August.

  • Following Allstar’s Grip Go car phone/GPS mount, the Gadget Grab ($9.99) is a compact, fold-up desk or table stand that uses tacky silicone technology to firmly grip tablets and cell phones.
  • DrainWig attached to bathtub and shower drain caps, using a special line with silicone nubs to catch hair and prevent clog. The disposable DrainWig allows users to remove hair without touching it. Offered in separate tub and shower SKUs, DrainWig is offered in two-packs for $9.99.
  • Bright Time Buddies combine a nightlight and a soft animal toy. The interior light creates a colorful glow through the squeezable skin. The light features one-hour shutoff and can be set to rotate through three colors (green, blue, and yellow) or remain on one color. Bright Time Buddies initially are offered in dog and unicorn shapes ($14.99 each). “We’re getting placed with nightlights, not just with toys,” Boilen said. “Our conversion rate on the web has been triple the typical [DRTV] toy.”
  • Kitty Shack extends Allstar’s pet product lineup with a plush cat mat that converts into a play tunnel. The soft surface collects hair. And a thermo reflective core keeps cats warm. Kitty Shack retails for $19.99.
  • Egg-Tastic is a ceramic microwave cooker designed to cook eggs in less than a minute to keep eggs at cooking temperature. Users can prep, cook and serve scrambled eggs from the same dishwasher safe-pot, minimizing cleanup. Equipped with a lid, Egg-Tastic will retail for $9.99. Boilen noted the high incidence of multiple Egg-Tastic purchases by individuals through DRTV.
  • Wonder Wallet offers a patented design that holds up to 24 cards in a form similar to a photo album. The slim, leather Wonder Wallet ($19.99) has an RFID-blocking security feature to prevent remote scanning of credit cards.
  • The DRTV industry has a track record of finding unique new wallets that sell very well at retail,” Boilen said.
  • Purse Pouch is mesh storage accessory for cars that slings like a hammock between the front seats for easy access. The pouch installs without tools using adjustable straps that fir around headrests. Purse Pouch retails for $9.99.
  • Power Floss is a portable dental water jet that uses air to propel water for flossing and cleaning braces and other dental work. The power Floss ($14.99) requires no cord or batteries.
  • Allstar also is rolling out the Bit 360 6-in-1 screwdriver (previously reported by HomeWorld and featured in their As Seen On TV Gallery, see page 16)

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