Forever Lazy™ Loungewear Inventors Urge Americans to Make the Least of Their Extra Hour This Sunday

ForeverLazy-PressReleaseThis Sunday marks the end of Daylight Savings Time, bringing the gift of an extra hour to rake away those last leaves, take the mother-in-law out to dinner, maybe brush up for that calculus mid-term. The possibilities are limitless.

Nonsense, say Dave Hibler and Tyler Galganski, inventors of Forever Lazy™ Lounge Wear, who urge Americans to follow their inner lazy and do absolutely nothing. Nada. Zippo. The duo have declared Sunday, November 6 as Lazy Sunday, an inaugural, annual celebration of all the sloth-like potential of an extra weekend hour.

Showing uncharacteristic initiative, Hibler and Galganski are encouraging Forever Lazy™ fans, aka “Lazy Nation,” to spread the word within their communities. Whether that hour or the entire day is spent watching football, a movie marathon, or doing nothing but watching the clock tick or drool into that favorite pillow, all are urged to spend it reclined in ultimate, unadulterated comfort. An official Lazy Sunday video declaration implores Lazy Nation and Americans everywhere to plan ahead.

“We train all year for Lazy Sunday,” said Hibler. “It’s the one day of the year that you get an extra hour to be as awesomely lazy as possible.”

“It’s truly the most wonderful time of the year,” added Galganski. “Everyone has a lazy bone, and we believe it is for this reason the great George Vernon Hudson invented Daylight Savings Time.” Gaglanski added, “You can look that up. Wait, don’t bother, too much work.”

Of course, Tyler and Dave will be clad in their very own Forever Lazy Lounge Wear leading up to, and during, the big day. Forever Lazy™ is soft, one-piece lounge wear for adults, for that warm, comfy pajama feeling any time. Who doesn’t want that? But wait, there’s more! With convenience features like a double-pull front zipper and back zipper drop seat, you never have to take Forever Lazy™ off – even when nature calls!

Dave and Tyler will be providing fans with lazy tips and video inspiration all week long at and

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