Bumpits® Hair Volumizing Inserts Boost Back to School Style

Bumpits-PressReleaseIn the first weeks of September, school hallways across the nation often resemble a runway show, as students are eager to model their latest fashion finds to classmates. This year, teens in schools across the country can add effortless style from head to toe – taking a step up from the obligatory new backpack and jeans – with Bumpits® Hair Volumizing Inserts. The versatile and easy-to-use product provides an affordable way to create fun, chic hairstyles for back to school and throughout the year.

A self-gripping hair accessory, Bumpits® Inserts firmly hold any hair type, giving lasting volume without damage to hair. Bumpits® Inserts are praised by top celebrity hair stylists, yet are easy enough for busy high schoolers and college students to use at home. Simply part hair at the crown and gently tease, then firmly place Bumpits® Hair Inserts behind part line, and spray with hairspray. It literally takes seconds to bring salon-worthy hair into classrooms and campuses.

“The Bumpits® brand has experienced great success, as women can attain a polished, salon style without breaking the bank,” said Anne Flynn, Director of Marketing for Allstar Products Group. “The key to the Bumpits® popularity lies in the product’s versatility – consumers can use the product every day, whether they are attending a formal affair or going for a more casual look.”

“When getting ready for the first day of school or the prom, Bumpits® Hair Inserts are the perfect tool to jazz up any hairstyle,” comments Kelly Fitzpatrick, Inventor of Bumpits®. “The number one issue in hair styling is creating volume, and Bumpits® are an easy solution allowing women to go from flat to fabulous in seconds.”

It’s never been easier to mimic the season’s hottest look, as Bumpits® Inserts can be used to style everything from a sleek ponytail to a classic updo. Available in blonde, light brown and dark brown, each package of Bumpits® includes three inserts for the suggested retail price of $9.99. The product is available at retailers nationwide, including Bed Bath & Beyond, Walgreens and Walmart.

For more information or to order Bumpits® Hair Inserts online, please visit www.LoveMyBumpits.com.

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