Allstar's Products


  1. Bright Time Buddies®

    Bright Time Buddies®

    The Night Light You Can Take With You

  2. Bit 360™

    Bit 360™

    6-in-1 Screwdriver

  3. Kitty Shack™

    Kitty Shack™

    2-in-1 Tunnel Bed & Mat

  4. Egg-Tastic™


    Ceramic Microwave Egg Cooker

  5. Power Floss®

    Power Floss®

    Dental Water Jet

  6. Wonder Wallet™

    Wonder Wallet™

    The Wallet That Holds 24 Cards!

  7. Gadget Grab™

    Gadget Grab™

    Universal Tablet & Phone Stand

  8. Purse Pouch®

    Purse Pouch®

    Car Accessory

  9. Drainwig®


    Catches Hair. Prevents Clogs.

  10. Hot Jewels™

    Hot Jewels™

    Body Jewelry that Creates Dazzling Designs

  11. Hot Stamps™

    Hot Stamps™

    Just Press & Dazzle!

  12. My Cleaning Secret™

    My Cleaning Secret™

    Make pots, pans, ovens, and more look like new!

  13. Secret Color™

    Secret Color™

    It's Color Without the Commitment!

  14. Wobble Wag Giggle™

    Wobble Wag Giggle™

    Keeps Dogs Happy, Healthy, and Fit!

  15. Secret Extensions®

    Secret Extensions®

    Beauty's Most Trusted Secret


  1. Catch Caddy™

    Catch Caddy™

    Seat Pocket Catcher

  2. Juggle Bubbles™

    Juggle Bubbles™

    Activity Kit

  3. Purrfect Arch™

    Purrfect Arch™

    Self Groomer and Massager All in One

  4. Spicy Shelf™

    Spicy Shelf™

    Patented Stackable Organizer

  5. Bright Eyes Blanket™

    Bright Eyes Blanket™

    Perfect to Take Anywhere!


  1. Perfect Bacon™ Bowl

    Perfect Bacon™ Bowl

    Everything is Better in a Bacon Bowl!

  2. Hot Designs™

    Hot Designs™

    Nail Art Pens

  3. Party In The Tub™

    Party In The Tub™

    Bath Time Light Show

  4. Chop Magic™

    Chop Magic™

    The Fast & Easy way to Slice & Dice!

  5. Side Socket™

    Side Socket™

    Just plug in, pivot, & power up!

  6. Cat’s Meow™

    Cat’s Meow™

    The toy your cat can't resist!

  7. Zoomies™


    Hands-Free Binoculars You Wear Like Sunglasses!

  8. TableMate®


    The Table That Slides to You!

  9. Forever Comfy™

    Forever Comfy™

    Combination Cushion Foam & Gel

  10. GripGo™


    Universal Car Phone Mount

  11. Perfect Pancake™

    Perfect Pancake™

    Four picture perfect pancakes everytime!

  12. Hot Huez®

    Hot Huez®

    Temporary hair chalk

  13. Hot Buns®

    Hot Buns®

    Simple Styling Solution

  14. Ruggies®


    The Amazing Reusable Rug Grippers


  1. EZ Eyes™

    EZ Eyes™

    Makes typing easy!

  2. Hot Booties™

    Hot Booties™

    Treat your feet to long-lasting heat!

  3. Magic Mesh®

    Magic Mesh®

    Keep fresh air in & bugs out

  4. Perfect Tortilla™

    Perfect Tortilla™

    Golden Crispy Bowls in 5 Minutes!

  5. Roto Punch™

    Roto Punch™

    The Complete Home Mending Solution!

  6. Sift & Toss™

    Sift & Toss™

    The Fastest, Easiest Way to Clean Your Cat's Litter Box!

  7. Snap 2 O™

    Snap 2 O™

    Connect a Garden Hose in Just Seconds!

  8. Trendy Top™

    Trendy Top™

    The Ultimate Layering Accessory!


  1. Big Top Cupcake®

    Big Top Cupcake®

    The Fast and Easy Way to Make Colossal Cupcakes

  2. Easy Reach®

    Easy Reach®

    The Easy Way to Care for All Your Hanging Plants

  3. Eggies™


    Hard Boil Eggs Without the Shell

  4. EZ Moves®

    EZ Moves®

    Just Lift, Place & Slide

  5. Forever Lazy™

    Forever Lazy™

    Soft Fleece Lounge Wear

  6. Half Time™

    Half Time™

    Drill. Flip. Drive. Be Done in Half the Time!

  7. Perfect Meatloaf™

    Perfect Meatloaf™

    The Non-Stick Way to Bake, Lift & Serve

  8. Side Sleeper™ Pro

    Side Sleeper™ Pro

    The Neck & Back Pillow

  9. Swivel Store®

    Swivel Store®

    Store All Your Spices in Just 4 Inches of Space

  10. Touch ‘n Brush®

    Touch ‘n Brush®

    The Hands Free Toothpaste Dispenser


  1. Emery Cat® Board

    Emery Cat® Board

    Groom Your Cat’s Claws While They Play

  2. Kangaroo Keeper®

    Kangaroo Keeper®

    The Incredible Purse Organizer

  3. Mister Steamy®

    Mister Steamy®

    The Revolutionary New Dryer Ball With the Power Of Steam

  4. Perfect Brownie®

    Perfect Brownie®

    Bake, Slice & Serve Your Favorite Treats

  5. Style Snaps®

    Style Snaps®

    The World’s First Snap and Hem Solution

  6. WonderFILE®


    Turns Any Space to a Portable Work Place


  1. Snuggie®


    The Blanket That Has Sleeves

  2. Buxton® Cell Phone Wallet

    Buxton® Cell Phone Wallet

    The Biggest Little Organizing Wallet

  3. Topsy Turvy®

    Topsy Turvy®

    World's Easiest Way to Grow Tomatoes!

  4. Bumpits®


    From Flat to Fabulous in Seconds


  1. Bendaroos®


    Amazing Flexible Building Sticks

  2. Aqua Globes®

    Aqua Globes®

    Waters Plants Perfectly

  3. Debbie Meyer Green Bags™

    Debbie Meyer Green Bags™

    Fruits and Vegetables Stay Fresher Longer

  4. Strap Perfect™

    Strap Perfect™

    The Ultimate Bra Strap Solution


  1. Grip ‘n Flip™

    Grip ‘n Flip™

    Scoops, Serves, Drains & Strains

  2. Chef Wizard™

    Chef Wizard™

    Works Like a Whisk, Tongs, Server & More!


  1. Crayola® Trace and Draw

    Crayola® Trace and Draw

    Desktop Drawing Projector with Detachable Drawing Board

  2. Roll ‘n Grow

    Roll ‘n Grow

    The Miracle Garden in a Box


  1. Lionel Train Bank

    Lionel Train Bank

    Railroad crossing coin bank

  2. Smart Spin®

    Smart Spin®

    Just Slide, Spin, & Store


  1. Buxton® Shoulder Bag

    Buxton® Shoulder Bag

    The Biggest Littest Bag Ever


  1. Cold Heat™

    Cold Heat™

    World's First "Cool Touch" Soldering Tool

  2. Pasta Pro™

    Pasta Pro™

    The Spill Proof Way To Cook, Drain, And Serve Perfect Pasta


  1. Perfect Pancake™ (2002)

    Perfect Pancake™ (2002)

    Make Fast, Fluffy, Delicioius Pancakes