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Founded in 1999, Allstar has grown to become a leading consumer products company that uses direct response advertising to maximize the potential of innovative, quality products and sustainable brands. We operate with integrity, responsiveness and flexibility

Allstar is synonymous with success.

Allstar Products Group!As a privately-owned company, we are incredibly proud of our longstanding reputation for integrity, intuition and innovation. Our breakthrough vision has helped us revolutionize the consumer experience through compelling and effective direct response campaigns – some of which are the most successful in Direct Response Television history.

However, we are not prepared to rest on our laurels. For each and every product that we bring to market, you can be sure that our team is 100% aligned with the core mission – to maximize commercial potential and support your vision. We believe that you know your product better than anyone else. Our full-service support network builds upon longstanding relationships with some of the most powerful retailers in the world that we then leverage on your behalf.

We believe success is defined by the company that we keep. Our staff is undeniably authentic, the business approach is inclusive, and we constantly aim to develop long-term partnerships. We understand that the company’s reputation is valued above any single deal. Team members are encouraged to do what is right as opposed to what is expedient. We invite you to visit us and learn why we are the best team in the business. Are you ready to join the team?

Egg-Tastic, Snuggie, Wonder Wallet, Side Socket, Kitty Shack, Magic Mesh, Wobble Wag Giggle, Bright Time Buddies, GripGo

Direct Response

We make As Seen On TV sales history with unparalleled strategy and marketing management.

If you’re looking for a direct marketing team that will work relentlessly to promote your product, build your business and exceed your expectations, then Allstar is the team you need. They do everything with professionalism, honesty and integrity.

Scott Opfer

Opfer Communications Inc

Allstar’s direct response expertise has helped us create multi-million dollar brands in the hottest consumer categories. We effectively drive sales through fully integrated marketing strategies on television, internet, and print. Our unique approach combines with powerful strategic partnerships in order to maximize every campaign.