Scott Boilen, CEO of Allstar Products Group

“We are serious about being successful”

ceo-scott-boilenScott Boilen, CEO of Allstar Products Group, has worked tirelessly to ensure a stable leadership position for Allstar in the consumer brand space. “I am positive that we have assembled a strong, effective team of specialists who, when combined, are so much more than the sum of their parts. It is rewarding to say with confidence that we have a first-class team.”

It is the network of these individuals, the team, that sets Allstar apart as a leader in a variety of product categories including Housewares, Hardware, Beauty, Pet and many more. Boilen and his group prove time and again that the DRTV success of Snuggie, the product most often associated with Allstar, was not a fluke, but the result of combining a strong leadership team with a savvy support staff.

After speaking with Scott, you can’t help but share his enthusiasm. Boilen explains, “We exist to find, support and bring solutions to market. We vibe off your genius. Put simply, your success is the fuel to our fire.” Allstar’s leader is passionate about products and constantly seeks to learn, listen and take advice from product inventors directly. Scott will be the first to admit that, “the inventors often know what works and what doesn’t. The products are their babies and it is our job to respect and support those positions.” Together with guidance from Allstar’s stellar leadership team your dreams can become reality.